Ferrite magnet

Ferrite magnet

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Ferrite magnets belong to sintered permanent magnet materials, composed of barium and strontium ferrite. This type of magnetic material not only has strong demagnetization resistance, but also has the advantage of low cost. Ferrite magnets are hard and brittle, requiring special mechanical processing techniques. Due to its orientation in the manufacturing direction, its opposite magnet needs to be magnetized in the direction it is taken, while its like magnet can be magnetized in any direction because it has no orientation, although slightly stronger magnetic induction is often found on the smallest side of the pressure surface. The magnetic energy product range is between 1.1MGOe and 4.0MGOe. Due to its low cost, ferrite magnets have a wide range of applications, from motors and speakers to toys and handicrafts, making them the most widely used permanent magnet material at present.

Produced using powder metallurgy method, with low residual magnetism and low recovery magnetic permeability. The magnetic circuit structure has high coercivity and strong resistance to demagnetization, making it particularly suitable for dynamic working conditions.

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